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Williamson County, Illinois


John Franklin Cloud moved here sometime before 1896 when he married Emma McBride. Eliza Jane, moved here in 1898 when her daughter, Mrs Chamness, became ill and needed her to help care for her and her two small children. After the daughter died in 1900, Eliza Jane raised the two children, five and ten years of age, as her own. She died here in 1919 with the funeral services held at the Pigeon Creek Baptist Church. Several of John Franklins's children were born here including Bess, Ruth, Claud, and William. John F. moved to Lake County, Tennessee around 1900.

Williamson County was established as an official county in 1839 and received its name from the settlers that came from Williamson County, Tennessee. The George H. Goodall Building was built on the east side of the Public Square in Marion in 1897. This area was known for the tall grass species that grew here which provided food for an abundance of game like elk, buffalo, bear, wolves, and upland game birds.

Marion Cultural Center: This majestic renovated theater on the square in downtown Marion has housed many famous celebrities.

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