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William Stone born 1700

William Stone was born in 1700 in Accomac Co., Virginia. He married twice. Nothing is known about his first family, but his second wife was Elizabeth Ann ?. They had at least seven children who were:

     Elizabeth Stone - No information is known about her.

     Eusebious Stone - He was born about 1720 in Lunenburg Co., Virginia. He married Susannah Ballard about 1740 in Lunenburg Co. and they had at least eight children, William Stone, Eucebious Stone, Micajah Stone, Richard Stone, John Stone, Stephen Turner Stone, Millicent Stone, and Jeremiah Stone. Eucebious died on 8 Nov 1798 in Patrick Co., Virginia.

     William Stone, Jr. - He was born in 1735 in Virginia. He married Elizabeth Hoskins and had one son, John Stone. William Jr. died 7 Nov 1795 in Henry Co., Virginia.

     Jeremiah Stone - He was born in 1742. He married Susannah Comer in 1765 and had at least nine children, Milajah Stone, Richard Stone, Nancy Stone, Lucy Stone, Elizabeth Stone, Stephen Stone, William Stone, Jeremiah Stone, Jr., and John Stone. Jeremiah died in 1827.

     Micajah Stone - He was born in 1745 in Lunenburg Co., Virginia. He married Apphia Hurt after 1771 in Bedford Co., Virginia. Apphia was born in 1755 in Lunenburg Co. and died about 1813. They had at least eleven children. Micajah died in 1799 in Bedford Co., Virginia.

     Manoah Stone - He was born in 1748 and married Sarah Feagan. No other information is known about him.

     Stephen Stone - He was born 12 Oct 1750 in Caroline Co., Virginia. He married Kezziah A. ? about 1770 and had at least four children, William Nicholas Stone, Dorothy Stone, Stephen Stone, Jr., and Eusibious Stone. Stephen died 16 Apr 1838 in Sumner Co., Tennessee.

William died in 1775 in Stafford Co., Virginia.

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