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Stokes County, North Carolina

Joseph Cloud, Jr. purchased land in Rowan County (later Surry County), North Carolina in 1755. It appears that he died in Stokes or Surry County. Stokes County was formed in 1789 from Surry County. It was named in honor of Captain John Stokes, a soldier of the Revolution, who was seriously wounded at the Waxhaw Massacre when Colonel Buford's Regiment was cut to pieces by Tarlton. After the war Washington appointed him a judge of the United States District Court of North Carolina. It is in the north central section of the State and is bounded by Rockingham, Forsyth, and Surry Counties and the state of Virginia. When Stokes was taken from Surry the old courthouse was ordered to be sold, and the proceeds were to be equally divided between Surry and Stokes and applied towards the erection of new courthouses. Present-day Stokes is mostly rural, with no large cities.

Hanging Rock State Park in Stokes County

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