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Elizabeth Kendall born 1808

She was born 29 Nov 1808 in Stewart Co., Tennessee. She married Richard Manly around 1825 in Henry Co., TN. They had at least six children who were:

     Francis L. Manly - He was born on 20 Jul 1826. He married Mary Askew on 13 Nov 1855 in Stewart Co., Tennessee. Francis died on 1 May 1860.

     Angeline Manly - She was born about 1828. She married Benjamin Lynn on 22 Jun 1847. Angeline died before 1873.

     Delphia Ann Manly - She was born in 1827/8. She married Austin Russell on 23 Feb 1844. Delphia's date of death is unknown.

     Isaac E. Manly - He was born on 9 Sep 1835. He died on 5 Oct 1849.

     Peter Manly - He was born on 1 Sep 1837. He married Martha A. Gray on 12 Sep 1860. Peter's date of death is unknown.

     Frances R. (Fanny) Manly - She was born on 2 Apr 1835. She married her first husband, Wesley R. or Albert Wynn, on 22 Jan 1852 in Benton Co., Tennessee. She married her second husband, John Manly Randle, on 23 Jan 1872. Frances died on 16 Jan 1894.

Elizabeth died 28 Aug 1840.

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