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Devereaux Jarrett Kendall born 1805

     Devereaux Jarrett - He was born 28 Dec 1805 in Stewart Co., Tennessee. He married Sarah Ann Ryle on 12 Nov 1829. They had at least four children who were:

     Margaret Ann Kendall - She was born in 1826. She died on 28 Aug 1844.

     J. P. Kendall - He was born on 26 Oct 1832. He died on 22 Feb 1871.

     William Devereaux Kendall - He was born on 12 Apr 1835. He married his first wife, Ada Crawford, on 1 Jan 1868 in Henry Co., Tennessee. Ada was born on 15 Dec 1839 and died on 8 May 1876. William married his second wife Kate ? whose date of birth is unknown, but she died on 20 Sep 1899. William died on 8 May 1909.

     Sarah E. Kendall - She was born on 23 Apr 1838 in Henry Co., Tennessee. She married William Green Randle on 29 Jan 1857 in Henry Co., Tennessee. William's date of birth is unknown, but he died in 1871 in Acton, Hood Co., Texas. They moved to Acton, Texas in 1871 and William died 6 weeks later. Sarah died on 29 Jul 1922.

From Norman Festus Kendall's book, "Devereaux Kendall, enlisted 1861, at Paris TN. 2nd Lt. and Adjt. 2nd Co. G, 5th Infantry". He died 23 Feb 1871.

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