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William Stone born 1796

William Stone was born in 1796 in Perquimons Co., North Carolina. His first wife was Sarah Flanders. They had seven children who were Jeremiah, Josiah, John, James, Thomas, Mary, and William D Stone. After Sarah's death he married Mary Mise, born in Virginia, but living in Marshall Co., Mississippi with her small son, James Mise, on Oct 26, 1847. William and Mary had three sons who were Zachariah (Zack Taylor), Ezekiel (Zek), and Zebedee (Zeb) Stone.  His third wife was Matilda Smith with whom he had one daughter Lula Stone. Lula Stone married Steve Wells, the son of a Rev. Wells. After William died Matilda married John B. Creasy. William came to Mississippi by way of Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and Alabama. He was in Davidson Co., Tennessee in 1812. He was a member of Captain Cloyd's Militia, a soldier in the war of 1812. Land was granted in Kentucky to the men who served in the war of 1812. Census figures for 1820 reveal that William and Sarah F. Stone were in Kentucky where their two oldest sons, Jeremiah and Josiah, were born. Census figures for 1840 show that William Stone and his wife Sarah F. were in Lauderdale Co., Alabama. Sarah F. was about 40 years old at that time. Five of their children were born in Alabama. It is assumed that he brought his family to Mississippi between 1843 and 1846.

This information is from a book entitled, "The Stones of Potts Camp Marshall County, Mississippi".

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