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Ship Island

Ship Island is located about one hour by boat from Gulfport, Mississippi. The island was cut into two parts by Hurricane Camille in the 1960's. Today it is managed by the National Park Service.

The plaque shows the names on the Confederate soldiers interred on Ship Island. However, it contains a mistake as William Henry Stone did not die on the island. He lived to be the oldest surviving Confederate Veteran in Obion County, Tennessee. As a small child I did meet him at one of his large birthday gatherings.

The prison stockade was located a short distance from the fort.

A road, similar to a railroad, was constructed on the island connecting the fort and the prison facilities.

A portion of the island became a base for the Second Regiment: Louisiana Native Guards, some of the first African American troops to fight in the Civil War.

The island was used as a staging place for battles at Mobile, Alabama.