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Lela Bell Stone born 1880

     Lela Bell Stone was born on 5 Nov 1880 in Tishamingo Co., Mississippi. She married Tom Elexander Cleek on 4 Aug 1906. Tom was born 28 May 1882 in Bedford Co., Tennessee and died 26 July 1942. They had at least three children and they were:

          Burnice (Bundy) Allen Cleek- He was born 6 Jan 1908. He married Virgie Lucille Crossno Harris on 27 May 1943.  She was the daughter of W. R. and Mary Ann Smith Crossno. They had a step daughter, Frances Ione Harris Adam, and a daughter Peggy Cheryl Cleek. Bundy was a magistrate of districts 6 and 10 of Obion County, serving from 1966 until 1975. He was an Alderman of the city of Troy from 1969 to 1973 and was co-chairman of the Obion County Northwest Tennessee Economic Development Council from 1968 to 1972. He ran the Amoco Station in Troy for many years. He died 22 Apr 1991.

          Nell Elizabeth Cleek - She was born 10 Sep 1910. She married her first husband, Silas Brown. She married her second husband, Clarence Wrady (Adcock), on 2 Nov 1936. His legal name was Adcock, but he went by the Wrady name. His sons now go by Adcock. She died 7 Apr 1975 and is buried at Mt. Manuel UMC Church Cemetery in Obion County. Her children are Carlton Dale Brown, John Tom "J.T." Adcock, and Edward Adcock.

          Thomas Leon Cleek - He was born 20 Jun 1921. He married Ada Martha Barnes, daughter of Fred and Alader Easterwood Barnes, on 26 Dec 1945 and they are still living. Their children are Donna Jean Cleek Eaves Dowdy, Jimmy Allen Cleek, Nancy Jill Cleek, and Thomas "Tommy" Leon Cleek, Jr. .

Lela Bell died on 25 Dec 1963 and is buried in Cobbs Chapel in Obion Co., Tennessee.

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