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The Cloud Family history shown on this site is made up of other peoples contributions combined with a small amount of my input. The people who made contributions to this history were:

     Dorothy (Kern) Walker, granddaughter of LaDora (Cloud) Kern. Much of the information presented here is based on her research, her family's Bible, and information she collected from other people.

     Ann (McCoy) Haupt, Nancy (McCoy) Tritschler, Lois (Cloud) White, Johnny Cloud , Ed and Terri Cloud, and Katie Ruth (Cloud) Morrow all supplied information.

     The Cloud Family Association magazine articles supplied a large amount of information. The writers included Janice G. Cloud, Paula B. Young, Eileen Dickerson, Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., George E. McCracken, Thomas Maxwell Potts, Robert P. Cole, Anne Morris Mertz, Sherrill Cloud, Harry Hogan and others. Anyone interested in joining the Association can do so by sending the $25 yearly dues to:

      Linda Boose

     508 Crestwood Dr

     Eastland, TX 76448

Internet sites supplied much of the information in this history. Contributors included Joe Farrell, Mary Bonsal, Thomas F. Green, Deb Smyre, Janet White, Sharon Minton Hill, James Wayland Cloud, Harry Hogan, and others.

Kyle Harrison for his accounts of Joseph III in Surry/Stokes Co., NC.

Tom Williams, Adams County, PA for information on Joseph's purchase of Conestoga Wagon #3.

David Wernham, Manager of the Lansdowne Strand Hotel in Calne, England supplied information and pictures of early Calne.

Lexie Leonard's book "Reelfoot Lake Treasures" supplied several stories of the early days in Lake County, Tennessee.

Maps were supplied by MapQuest at

A Dictionary of Surnames by Patrick Hanks & Flavia Hodges, Oxford Press, 1988 defines the name Cloud as a "topographic name for someone who lived near an outcrop or hill."

This site was constructed by Bill Kendall, who is a Cloud descendent on his mother's side.

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