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Joseph Price Kendall born 1863

Joseph Price and Susan Amanda (Cates) Kendall

Joseph Price Kendall Family from left, Maude, Homer, Telia, Beulah, Myrtle, Irma, Amanda, Jeffie, and Price in 1908

     Joseph Price Kendall was born 8 May 1863 in Carroll Co., Arkansas. He married Susan Amanda Cates on 30 Sep 1886 in Harmony, Arkansas. She was born about 1870 and died 24 May 1950. She was the daughter of John Rufus Cates and Rebecca Self. Joseph and Susan had at least thirteen children who were:

     William Wesley Kendall - He was born 15 Aug 1887. He married Myrtle Inez Hamilton. No other information is known.

     Charles Leroy (Lee) Kendall - He was born in Apr 1889. He married Elsie Freeland. No other information is known.

     Maude Mae Kendall - She was born 26 May 1891. She married John Cleveland Baker. She died 6 Apr 1984.

     Oscar Kendall - He was born 2 Mar 1893. He died 31 Jan 1896.

     Frances Artela (Telia) Kendall - She was born 27 Jul 1895. She died from the flu, at age 21, on 20 Jan 1917. She had been sick for a week and her grandmother, Sarah, was also sick in the next bedroom. Telia asked her older sister, "Will you tell me when she dies? I know I wont be told". Later in the morning Telia died and then in the afternoon the grandmother died. They were taken by wagon to be buried, but because everyone was sick or caring for the sick, it is believed that her Dad was the only one to go to the funeral.

     Eva Beulah Kendall - She was born 10 Dec 1897. She married the first time to Richard Carter and a second time to George Holliday.

     Mary Myrtle Kendall - She was born 24 Jul 1900. She married Chester Robert Crowley.

     Homer Clark Kendall - He was born 17 Oct 1902. He married Gladys Ann Gilmore. He died 16 Aug 1975.

     Jeffie Golden Kendall - She was born 8 Aug 1905. She married Roscoe V. Warren. She died 1 Aug 1969.

     Irma Henrietta Kendall - She was born 29 Sep 1907. She married Clovis George Norton.

     Isaac Burrow Kendall - He was born 23 Oct 1910. He married Rea Patterson. He died 10 Nov 1986.

     Robbie Dell Kendall - She was born 9 Jan 1913. She married Leonard Key. She died 26 Apr 1997.

     Woodrow Wilson Kendall - He was born 2 Jan 1919. He married Mildred Villa Williams.

Joseph died in 1957 and is buried, along with Susan, near their parents in the Bethlehem Cemetery in Johnson Co., Arkansas.

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