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Joseph Cloud, Jr. born 1705

Joseph Cloud, Jr. was probably born in Concord Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1705. He married his first wife, Hannah Baldwin, 16 April 1732 at Philadelphia and they had no children. He married his second wife, Elizabeth Osborn, in 1740 in Concord and they had, at least, four children who were:

     William Cloud, born in 1745.

     Joseph Cloud, III, born in 1746.

     Jason Cloud, born in 1747.

     Isaac Cloud, born in 1750. We are descended from Isaac.

Joseph Jr.'s older brother Isaac moved to southern Virginia in 1739 and made entries for land grants in Pittsylvania County in 1739 and 1740. In 1740 he was joined by Joseph Jr. making land entries in Pittsylvania County. In 1741 Joseph Jr. made an entry for 200 acres "on both sides of the fork where the path to Isaac Cloud goes up".

Joseph Jr. became Joseph Cloud, Sr. in the records in Virginia beginning about 1769. There was another Joseph Cloud receiving land grants at the same time. Joseph Jr.'s son, Joseph III, would have come of age about 1770 more or less, and it may have been him. Joseph Jr. settled in the southern part of Henry County, Virginia just across the line from the grants he later received in Surry County, North Carolina. He purchased land in Rowan County (later Surry County), North Carolina in 1755. It appears that Joseph Jr. died in 1770 in Stokes or Surry County, North Carolina. Joseph Jr.'s son, Isaac, shows up in Rutherford County, North Carolina in the census of 1800. It's not positive that these were Joseph Jr. and Joseph III, but all details seem to indicate it was them and these movements do agree with the locations of later generations of our Cloud ancestors.

The date of Elizabeth's death is unknown.

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